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3" Ratchet Straps

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    Cordura Wear Sleeves for 3" Webbing (Purchase by Linear Foot)

    For use with 3" webbing


    3” Ratchet Straps 

    If you are looking for some heavy-duty ratchet strap options, you can find them in our 3” ratchet straps. They are made with durability and strength in mind. Fitted with your choice of flat hooks, wire hooks, or chain extensions, these straps are great for easily and quickly securing a range of cargo. 

    3” Wide Tie Down Straps 

    A ratchet strap consists of the strap, the end fitting, and the ratchet itself. Our 3” wide tie down straps are made of high-quality materials in all areas, so they are designed to be strong and last for you.  

    The webbing on our cargo straps is made of durable, weather-resistant polyester webbing. Polyester makes an excellent tie down because it has little stretch, absorbs minimal water, and resists the sun’s damaging UV rays. This webbing has a break strength of 20,000 lbs., which makes it a very strong tie down strap.  

    The ratchet and the end fittings on these 3” straps are strong and capable. They are made with high-quality materials to give you durability and a long life. We have different ratchet options, but often these 3” straps are fitted with long-handled ratchets that are zinc-plated for corrosion resistance. As for the flat hook, chain end, or wire hook end fittings, you can learn more about those below.  

    Types of 3” Ratchet Straps 

    Our 3” cargo straps come with three main types of end fittings, but other custom options are also available. Our three main end fitting types include flat hooks, wire hooks, and chain end straps. All of these types of 3” ratchet straps are available in lengths ranging from 20’ to 40’ in a variety of colors of webbing. Check them out below.  

    • Flat Hook Ratchet Straps – Ratchet straps with flat hooks are perfect for securing loads to a flatbed. These flat hook ratchet straps are an essential product for those in the cargo control industry. These 3” flat hook ratchet straps offer you great capability with wide, durable, and weather-resistant webbing. The hooks themselves are zinc-plated to protect against corrosion, and these straps give you a 5,400 lb. working load limit. 
    • Wire Hook Ratchet Straps – Wire hook end fittings are also known as double J hooks. These hooks have a narrow profile, so they are great for hooking into D-rings or other narrow anchor points. These wire hook ratchet straps in a 3” width can offer you great capability with a 5,400 lb. working load limit. 
    • Chain End Ratchet Straps – Ratchet straps with chain extensions can also be known as heavy equipment ratchet straps, heavy-duty load straps, and commercial ratchet straps. These chain tie downs are fitted with a grade 70 chain anchor and a clevis hook in a 3/8” size to give you a 5,400 lb. working load limit. 

    Each of these types of end fittings offers you different capabilities and the ability to safely secure different types of loads. If you have specific questions about them, reach out to our sales staff 

    Other Lengths, Widths, and Custom Ratchet Strap Options 

    Don’t see the end fittings, color, or length you need? Custom ratchet straps are always an option in our line of 3" tie down straps. Additional hardware and configurations such as cam buckles, endless straps, and more, can also be made-to-order as 3" tie down straps. Give our sales team a call to learn more. 

    As with all of our tie downs, our 3" ratchet straps are labeled with their working load limit to meet CVSA guidelines, DOT regulations, and WSTDA, and North American Cargo Securement standards. Each strap has a tag with both break strength and working load limit information. 

    In addition to our full line of 3" ratchet tie down straps, check out other styles and widths of tie down straps: 

    1” Ratchet Straps 

    2” Ratchet Straps 

    4” Ratchet Straps 

    Cam Straps 

    Winch Straps 

    Have questions about our 3 inch ratchet tie down straps or any of our tie downs? Give our sales team a call. They will be happy to answer your questions, help with product selections, or place an order for you. 

    Accessories for 3” Tie Downs 

    When you are using ratchet straps to secure heavy loads, you may need accessories to protect your strap and your equipment. Check out a couple of common options to go with your 3” tie down straps.  

    Corner Protectors – To protect your load and expand the life of your ratchet strap, add a corner protector. Our edge protectors are available in a variety of sizes and materials. Whether you are hauling drywall, plywood, brick, or steel sheeting, we have a corner protector to meet your needs. In addition to protecting your cargo, an edge protector reduces the friction points on the tie down straps and distributes the strap pressure over a wider surface area on the cargo. 

    Cordura Wear Sleeves – While the polyester webbing features abrasion-resistance, Cordura Wear Sleeves are also available to add to our 3" tie downs to create an additional layer of protection where needed. Cordura is a nylon fabric that offers you high strength and cut resistance, which can protect your ratchet tie downs from abrasions and more. 

    As you can see, we offer several types of 3” ratchet straps, including custom options to help you get the done job. We also offer different accessories to make your cargo securement safer and easier. US Cargo Control is happy to be here for all your trucking, transportation, moving, and lifting needs. Reach out to us to learn more.  

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