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1x7 EHS Guy Strand

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    SKU: LF17EHSGS38

    1x7 Guy Wire

    Easily add stability to transmission towers and other tall structures with 1x7 wire. It's stiffer than the 1x19 guy strand and comes in working load limit of between 6,650 lbs. and 42,400 lbs., making it a versatile tensioning tool.

    The sizes range from 1/4'' up to 5/8'' in diameter, so it's easy to find the one that will work best for your application.

    Guy Wire Hardware

    US Cargo Control carries a full line of 1x7 guy wire anchors and hardware.

    Big grip dead ends are used to create termination points, and end sleeves are used to keep the dead ends from unraveling.

    Guy wire shacklesclamps and turnbuckles create strong connection points, while thimbles work to extend your cable's working life. The thimble protects the cable from abrasion.

    Questions on 1x7 EHS Wire?

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