1-Ply Recovery Straps

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1-Ply Recovery Straps

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    6" Recovery Strap With Cordura Eyes

    WLL 24000 lbs
    BS 48000 lbs
    Starting at
    SKU: TS620

    1-Ply Recovery Straps

    1-Ply Recovery Straps, also known as one ply recovery straps, off road recovery straps, or snatch straps, are made with a single layer of high-quality industrial grade nylon material.

    The single ply webbing has enough pliable webbing to conform and support the load – offering the best in strength and providing enough stretch to help you get out of a tough spot. US Cargo Control is your source for a wide variety of recovery straps, and we carry straps that will make your recovery job easier. Made in the USA, our heavy-duty recovery straps are designed to be used for recovery uses.

    What are Heavy-Duty Recovery Straps Used for?

    These vehicle recovery straps are useful for pulling vehicles out of a tight spot and are an essential tool for anyone to have in their vehicle no matter the condition. 1-Ply Recovery Straps will do the job when ATVs, RVs, pickup trucks, trailers, motorcycles, and other vehicles need to be extracted from getting stuck in muddy, icy, flooded, and sandy situations or ditches.

    With CORDURA® loops (or “eyes”) on each end, this provides more resistance to cutting than nylon fabric and will work well with anchor shackles for a quick vehicle recovery. CORDURA® is an extremely tough, long-lasting fabric that resists wear and tear, and will increase versatility and safety.

    Snatch Straps vs. Tow Straps

    Recovery Straps are different from Tow Straps due to their fabric and ability to stretch. A Recovery Strap is designed to “recover” from the ditch, mud, etc.

    If you need help deciding which is the best recovery strap for you, if you need a custom length, or if you would like to purchase in large volumes, give us a call! We’ll be glad to assist you.

    More Towing and Recovery Products 

    Don’t forget to include Recovery Shackles in your recovery kit to provide a strong connection point between the vehicle and your recovery straps.

    For more specific recovery and towing operations, we also carry Tow Ratchet Straps, Tow Hooks, and Tree Saver Straps.

    Learn how to extract a stuck vehicle.

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