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1" Powersports Tie Downs

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    1" x 6' Cam Buckle Handlebar Strap w/ S-Hooks & Pull Loop

    WLL 400 lbs.
    BS 1,200 lbs.
    Standard Lead Time 1-2 days.
    Starting at
    SKU: C506SHLP-Y

    Motorcycle Handle Bar Straps (Pair)

    Starting at
    SKU: MHS118-BLK(PR)

    1” Tie Downs for Powersports & Recreation 

    Whether you’re heading out to the motocross track or a day on the lake with the jet skis, we have the 1" tie down straps to keep your toys secured for the trip. Our 1" tie downs are the perfect securement for a range of powersports and recreational needs.  

    What Our 1” Ratchet Straps and Tie Downs Are Made Of 

    High-quality materials go into our tie downs and ratchet straps. Check out what our 1” powersports tie downs are made of. 

    Durable Polyester Webbing – These straps are made with 1” wide polyester webbing. This width of webbing is narrow and easy to work with, but it provides plenty of strength for ATVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes, and more. The polyester also resists water absorption, the fabric won’t stretch, mold, rot, or mildew, even with repeated exposure to water, snow, and harsh outdoor conditions. Polyester also offers excellent abrasion resistance and stands up to the sun’s UV rays. 

    Different End Fitting Options – Our powersports straps are usually fitted with s-hook end fittings or wire hook end fittings. However, you can get these straps as snap hook tie downs and more. We have multiple end fittings to help you secure your cargo how you want. 

    Cam Buckles or Ratchets – These tie down straps can be fitted with cam buckles or ratchets. A cam buckle strap features a buckle with a clip where the webbing is pulled through and the strap is secured. This type of securement is done by hand, so your strap tightens only as much as you pull the strap through. Cam buckles are used on lighter duty cargo securement, but they are great for powersports and recreation gear. If you prefer a slightly more heavy-duty option, you can go with the ratchet to tighten your cargo strap. These ratchets are high-quality and strong and can be zinc-plated for corrosion resistance.  

    These 1” ratchet straps are made of high-quality materials, which means they can be used for many purposes. Check out more about their uses below.  

    Uses for 1” Tie Down Straps 

    These small ratchet straps can be quite useful in a number of ways. 1” tie down straps are popular options for snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, and more. 

    Boating and Jet Ski Tie Downs – These 1” small ratchet straps are great for use with boating or as jet ski tie downs. The polyester and other elements of the strap can be water-resistant, so they are great for these water-based uses.  

    Dirt Bike and ATV Straps – These 1” cargo straps are narrow and easy to use, but they are also strong enough to secure dirt bikes, ATVs, and more. These ratchet strap can easily clip into a truck or trailer and keep your gear secure. 

    Motorcycle Ratchet Straps – If you need to secure your motorcycle to a trailer, these motorcycle straps will work great. Our motorcycle ratchet straps and motorcycle handlebar straps can keep everything secure and give you peace of mind.  

    Other Sizes of Ratchet Straps and Custom Options 

    Not finding the specific ratchet strap or tie down strap that you are looking for? We offer a variety of different types of cargo straps with different lengths, widths, colors, end fittings, and more. Check out some of our other tie down strap categories below.  

    2” Ratchet Straps 

    3” Ratchet Straps 

    4” Ratchet Straps 

    Cam Straps 

    Winch Straps 

    We also have the ability to make custom ratchet straps for you with specific hardware, different types and lengths of webbing, and more. You can reach out to our sales team for more information on this or with any questions you may have about our ratchet straps.
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