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What is Wire Rope, and How is it Different from Cable Rope?

Read what is wire rope, what are important specifications to look for, and how it's different from cable rope.

US Cargo Control becomes Official Supplier of Straightpoint Load Monitoring Loadcells

Straightpoint, a Crosby owned company, has announced US Cargo Control, a leader in the lifting and rigging...

Do You Know How Much That Weighs? Straightpoint Load Cells Do

USCC now offers a full selection of superior Straightpoint load cell solutions.

4 Customers Use US Cargo Control Products in Fun and Unexpected Ways

Check out 4 customers using US Cargo Control products in fun, creative, and unexpected ways!

Wire Rope Basics

Understand the differences among different types of wire rope so you can buy with confidence.

How to Safely Apply Wire Rope Clips to Wire Rope Assemblies

Read how to safely apply wire rope clips to wire rope assemblies.

Why Use a Wire Rope Thimble?

Read our blog to see why you should use a wire rope thimble when using wire ropes

Customer Photos: Wire Rope in Military Vehicle Restoration

US Cargo Control customer Bob used our 6x37 wire rope on his Military Vehicle restoration project: a 1953 M37. Here's what he told us about his project.

Coated Cable

US Cargo Control offers 7x19 coated cable in stainless steel and galvanized finishes. These coated cable...

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