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What is a Snatch Block?

Lisa Mathews, US Cargo Control Sales & Service Specialist   A common question we hear is what is the d...

Are Moving Blankets Machine Washable?

US Cargo Control offers 3 different machine-washable moving blankets as well as 7 additional blanket styles, so there's one for every use and every budget.

What are Ratchet Straps Made Of?

Ratchet straps are typically made of industrial-grade polyester. Need a strap with stretch? We can create custom nylon ratchet straps to your specifications.

What are E-Track Shoring Beams?

E-track shoring beams serve a dual purpose: not only do they secure cargo safely inside a trailer, they ...

How Many Tie Downs Do I Need?

The amount of tie downs you need depends on the length and weight of the cargo being transported. Learn more about FMCSA rules regarding tie downs.

Why Use a Wire Rope Thimble?

When a wire rope is bent, there is a risk that the eye could be crushed. A wire rope thimble guides it into a curve and adds protection.

What’s the Difference Between Moving Blankets?

Our US Cargo Control sales team explains how to choose the right moving blanket.

What’s the Difference Between L-track and E-track?

Our product experts get a lot of questions about the differences between our E-Track and L-Track products....

What’s the Difference Between Seat Belt Webbing and Polyester Webbing?

Our US Cargo Control sales team describes the difference between seat belt webbing and regular polyester webbing.

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