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Image of 7/16" stainless steel wire rope: 6x19

New Website Pages for Wire Rope and Winch Strap Products

We’ve been doing a little work on our website, with a goal of making it easier for customers to choose exactly what they need. Some products are available in so many sizes and configurations it can be difficult to wade through them all to find exactly what you're looking for. Our winch straps and wire rope categories were the first to be updated. Winch straps are now first narrowed down by color selection (yellow, blue, red, green), then by hardware type (flat hook, wire hook, etc.). There is also still an option to shop for truck winches by sizes as well, with links that show all 4" winch straps, 3" winch straps, and 2" winch straps.

image of winch straps page

Our wire rope category was also redesigned to make it easier to shop, and we also added some new categories cable wire products: • 6x26 Impact Swaged Wire Rope (Spin Resistant) 6x21 Bright Wire Fiber Core (Drill Line) 6x7 Bright Wire Fiber Core (Sand Line)19x19 Compacted Bright Wire Rope EIPS IWRC (Spin Resistant)

image of wire rope page

Look for more re-designed pages and new products coming soon! Is there anything else we can do to make shopping on USCC easier? Please comment below or send us an email at
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