L-Track vs. E-Track: Which Tie Down System is Right For You?

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Trying to decide whether L-Track or E-Track is the best choice for your tie-down needs? It depends on where you’ll be installing it.



image of aluminum L-track
L-Track (also sometimes called "airline track") is versatile enough to be installed just about anywhere. 

Generally, the narrow width of this track works great for installing on the walls or floor of a pickup truck bed. These tracks have multiple round openings for quick and easy attachment of spring fittings.


L-track is available in an aluminum or a black painted finish. They come in four different types: standard, aircraft style, angled, and recessed. Lengths include 6", 12", 24", and 48".



image of galvanized e-track
E-Track is used in a variety of different ways for many different vehicles and trailers. The wider width of E-track makes it a good choice for installation inside an enclosed trailer or on the floor of an open trailer. It's available in horizontal and vertical styles and in a galvanized or a green painted finish. Lengths include 2', 5', 8', and 10'.

Which Track Should You Choose?

Both L-Track and E-Track are incredibly strong and versatile, but traditionally there are more straps and fittings available on the market for E-track. L-track (also sometimes known as airline track) is gaining in popularity, so more and more accessories are becoming available.

We explain in more detail in the videos below on how to install E-Track and how to install L-Track. 


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