7x19 Wire Rope

By Shopify API • 12.08.21
7x19 wire rope  Category Wire Rope  wire rope 
7x19 wire rope from US Cargo Control is an excellent general purpose steel cable. Also referred to as aircraft cable, the construction includes 7 strands with 19 wires per strand in galvanized steel, creating a smaller diameter cable that is flexible and resistant to corrosion. With many sizes and styles available, US Cargo Control is ready to help you with your 7x19 wire rope needs.
About US Cargo Control

Founded in 2005, US Cargo Control is a trusted leader in the cargo control industry, specializing in professional rigging and lifting equipment, trucking and transportation tie downs, and moving supplies. With a superior online shopping experience, industry-experts available via phone, and a central Midwest location, USCC is dedicated to getting you what you want, when you need it. For more information, visit www.uscargocontrol.com

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