1/2 Inch Log Chain

You can depend on your 1/2 Inch Log Chain to be durable and have one of the longest effective lifetimes of any product in the industry. When you need heavy chain to secure large loads grade 70 chain is the best choice. With the most efficient weight to strength ration that comes from drop forging and heat treating, this truck chain allows you peace of mind that your load will be secured in place against sudden stops or tight turns where another tansport chain could fail.
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Transport Chain Grade 70 1/2

Transport Chain Grade 70 1/2" x 20' Standard Link

Part #: TC122070

Transport Chain Drum Grade 70 1/2

Transport Chain Drum Grade 70 1/2" x 200'

Part #: DRUM12


1/2" Clevis Grab Hook - Grade 70

Part #: CGH1270


1/2" Clevis Slip Hook - Grade 70

Part #: CSH12
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