Load Bars, Cargo Bars & Load Locks

Load locks are a smart way to secure cargo for transport and maximize load safety by preventing shifting that might allow products not secured with cargo load bars to impact one another and cause damage. Cargo bars for trucks can stand alone or work with a track system. A ratcheting load bar can be used without a track system and uses pressure between the cargo and the bed or sidewall of the trailer to hold cargo in place. E track cargo bars have end fittings that lock into strips of E track installed on the interior of your trailer. E-track load bars are available in steel or high strength aluminum and come with easy to use release mechanisms.

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92" Adjustable Aluminum Shoring Beam - Extends to 103"

Part #: SB92

85" Adjustable Aluminum Shoring Beam - Extends to 95"

Part #: SB85

4 Pack - 85" Adjustable Aluminum Shoring Beam - Extends to 95"

Part #: SB85-4PK

85" Aluminum Shoring Beam w/ Patented Locking Ends - Extends to 96.6"

Part #: SB85A

Aluminum Shoring Beam w/ Patented Locking Ends: Extends 92" - 103"

Part #: SB92A

92" Adjustable Steel Shoring Beam - Extends to 103"

Part #: SSB92

Yellow Rack™ Shoring Beam Holder

Part #: LBSR
1 – 9$79.95
10 – 19$74.25
20 – 39$70.30
40 – 99$67.30
100 +$64.20

Round Tube Load Bars W/ 2"X4" Pads - 4 Pack Cargo Load Bars

Part #: LB200-4PK

Cargo Bar Replacement Foot Pad - Fixed End

Part #: LB24FTFXD

Cargo Bar Replacement Foot Pad - Adjustable End

Part #: LB24FTADJ

Cargo Bar Feet - 2" x 4" Pads - 2 Pack

Part #: LB24FT-2PK

Cargo Bar Holder

Part #: CBH10

Replacement Channel Assembly for Shoring Beams

Part #: SBRC

Wood End Socket for E-Track

Part #: WES-100

Shoring Beam Attachment Pin

Part #: SBPIN

18" Door Pull Strap

Part #: DPS18

24" Door Pull Strap

Part #: DPS24

36" Door Pull Strap

Part #: DPS36

Hoop Set for Adjustable Cargo Bar

Part #: LB200HK

Hoop Set for SB85/SB92 Shoring Beam

Part #: SB8592HK

Ratchet Body For Cargo Load Bar

Part #: LBRAT200

72" Pallet Bands, 1 Dozen


84" Pallet Bands, 1 Dozen


92" Pallet Bands, 1 Dozen

More About Load Bars, Cargo Bars & Load Locks

What is a load lock?
Load locks, also called load distribution bars or cargo load locks, are square bars with an extendible fitting on each end that lock into a track system on the interior of a trailer. Load bars for trailers then lock into place at the desired length with an easy-release trigger mechanism meant to be functional even when wearing thick gloves for safety. Load locks for trailers are made of steel or high performance aluminum.
Load locks for trucks, or some lighter applications come as ratcheting load bars that do not require an track system for use, instead they are secured by pressure against the cargo and trailer surface.

When to use Load Bars
Load bars for trucks are a key element in keeping heavy or bulky items confined to one area of your cargo space. Load lock cargo bars can prevent cargo from shifting and causing damage to the interior of your truck or other transport items in the event a truck rolls over a curb or hits a bump. Using load lock cargo bars at multiple levels in your trailer in place of trailer load straps (load lock straps) allows for instances where a portion of the cargo exhibits stress in one direction and another portion does not - cargo load bars are strong in bending strength and friction strength to accommodate this flexing without compromising load safety.

Truck cargo bars can also increase the usable space in your cargo area by using multiple load locks to create decking areas by securing two or more load lock bars at the same height at intervals within the trailer and laying down plywood sheets or other decking material to create a new floor for additional cargo. When using load locking bars for shoring to create decks, be sure that the weight of your cargo doesn't exceed the horizontal working load limit of the logistic bars.

Safety note: It is important to secure each cargo load bar against the sidewall of the trailer when not in use, cargo bars for trailers become projectiles in an accident if left loose on the floor or on decking. You can secure your loadlocks easily by extending etrack bars into the tracking, or bungee or strap other loadlocks to a trailer fitting.

E-track Load Bars
E track load bars have fittings that allow the cargo bar to mount into track system installed on the interior walls of your trailer. Each E track load bar extends to fit the width of your trailer, standard E track cargo bars come in 92" or 85" lengths and they extend to 103" or 96.6". E track bars expansion also allows them to expand or contract as required to accommodate shifts in temperature or tweaking. E track load locks are crafted of aluminum or steel.

E track load bars can be used individually or if you're stacking cargo at multiple levels, such as moving boxes or other smaller boxes you might find it useful to install a cargo lock at multiple heights, one for each course of boxes to prevent shifting.

Ratcheting Cargo Bars
A ratcheting cargo bar is a type of cargo bar ideal for use in pickup trucks or used in smaller trailers. They generally extend up to 104.5" and are fitted with a ratchet that allows you to adjust the tension incrementally for a very secure fit. Non-skid rubber pads on these load bars for trailers protect the cargo and floors/walls of your truck. Lifting the ratchet handle allows the ratcheting load bar to extend or retract quickly when you need to adjust for large amounts of slack. A ratcheting cargo bar can be used in place of locking ratchet straps when you want to push cargo away from a surface rather than use force to pull it toward an anchor point.

Need Bulk Semi Trailer Load Locks?
Prepare your fleet with load bars, cargo bars, aluminum and steel decking beams, load locks, or logistic bars to properly secure all of your cargo. Explore our selection of cargo load bars to find the right truck load locks for your applications- telescoping cargo bars, ratcheting cargo bars, and E track load bars for trailers and trucks.  Call for volume pricing on load locks parts & accessories at 866-444-9990. We also carry a large selection of E track and E track tie downs are available at great prices to extend the use of your E track system.