Wheel Nets, Auto & Car Tie Downs and Tow Dolly Straps

All of our wheel nets, car tie downs, tire bonnets, car dolly straps, tow dolly straps, axle straps, and car carrier straps are made from heavy duty polyester webbing and high quality hardware.  Be sure to check the specs for the auto tie down that you are purchasing to haul your vehicle to ensure you choose the right car tow straps for the weight of the vehicle you will transport. Knowing where to buy car dolly straps to get the best selection and best pricing can help save you money when you source car hauling supplies. Browse our selection of car trailer tie downs, or if you have questions about our car hauling supplies our experts are ready to help at 866-444-9990.

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Side Mount Wheel Net w/Ratchet and Flat Hook

Part #: SMWNFH

Side Mount Wheel Net W/Ratchet and Chain Extension

Part #: SMWNCE

Side Mount Wheel Net W/ Cam Buckle & 2 Ratchets and Flat Hooks

Part #: SMWN2R51FH

Side Mount Wheel Net W/ Cam Buckle & 2 Ratchets and Chain Extensions

Part #: SMWN2R51CE18

Universal Wheel Net W/ Cam Buckle (pair of 2)

Part #: WN-1617UWFH

Tire Bonnet W/ Flat Snap Hooks & Ratchet

Part #: WNTH02

Wheel Bonnet with Swivel Hooks & Ratchet

Part #: WNTH24

Tow Dolly Basket Strap with Twisted Snap Hooks

Part #: WNTH03

Tow Dolly Basket with Flat Hooks

Part #: WNTH04

Adjustable Wheel Net w/ Twisted Snap Hooks, Ratchet & Cam Buckle

Part #: WN66239

Adjustable Wheel Net w/ Twisted Snap Hook & Cambuckle

Part #: WN66238

Double Adjustable Wheel Net w/ Twisted Snap Hook

Part #: WN66275

Double Adjustable Wheel Net w/ Twisted Snap Hook & Cam Buckles

Part #: WN66272

Wheel Strap with Etrack Fittings & 3 Rubber Blocks

Part #: WNR5111EFRRB

Wheel Strap with Wire Hooks & 3 Rubber Blocks

Part #: WNR5111WHRB

Car Hauler Tire Strap with Swivel Hooks, Adjustable Rubber Blocks

Part #: WNTH22

Wheel Strap with Swivel Hooks, Rubber Blocks & Ratchet

Part #: WNTH23

Wheel Strap with Wire Hooks & Adjustable Rubber Blocks & Ratchet

Part #: WNTH32J

Wheel Strap with Swivel Hooks & Ratchet

Part #: WNTH21

Race Car Tie Down Strap with Wire Hooks & Ratchet

Part #: WNTH31-J

2" Ratchet with Snap Hook

Part #: R51SH

2" Ratchet with Wire Hook

Part #: R51WH

2" X 8' Blue Axle Straps 10,000 lbs - Set of 4


2" x 8' Blue Auto Tie Down Ratchet Strap 10,000 lbs w/ Axle Strap

Part #: 5108AX10-BLU

2" x 8' Blue Short Wide Ratchet Strap 6,000 lbs w/ Axle Strap

Part #: 5108AX6-BLU

2" x 2' Red Axle Strap w/ 2" Stamped D-Rings


2" x 3' Red Axle Strap w/ 2" Stamped D-Rings


2" x 8' Black Car Tie Down w/ Twisted Snap Hooks

Part #: 5408TSH-BLK

2" x 12' Black Car Tie Down w/ Flat Snap Hooks

Part #: 5112FSH-BLK

2" x 12' Black Car Tie Down w/ Twisted Snap Hooks

Part #: 5412TSH-BLK

2" x 8' Black Car Tie Down w/ Flat Snap Hooks

Part #: 5108FSH-BLK

Lasso Strap 2" x 10' with O Ring

Part #: 210RR

Grooved Rubber Block for Car Carrier Strap (Wheel Strap)

Part #: RB10

Recessed Pan Fitting - Trailer Tie Down Fittings - Anchor Ring

Part #: PF1

Recessed Rope Ring - Recessed Trailer Tie Down Ring

Part #: PF2

Flush Mount D Rings - Flush Mount Tie Down D Rings

Part #: PF5

Mounting Ring Flush Mount Zinc Plated 1,200 lb

Part #: PF5ZC

Flush Mount Stainless D Rings - Recessed Stainless Steel Rope Ring

Part #: PF5SS

Mounting Ring Flush Mount Zinc 2,500 Lbs

Part #: PF6

Zinc Plated Recessed Pan Fitting - 900lb Break Strength

Part #: PF7

1" D-Ring Tie Down with Mounting Bracket

Part #: MR9

2-5/16" D-Ring Tie Down with Mounting Bracket

Part #: MR8

Rotating Pan Fitting 6,000 Lbs

Part #: RPF11

Surface Mounting Ring 11,000 Lbs

Part #: PF13

Surface Mount D-Ring 11,000 Lbs

Part #: PF14
More About Wheel Nets, Auto & Car Tie Downs and Tow Dolly Straps

Over the Wheel Tie Downs - Over wheel tie down systems come in a range of configurations that depend on what sort of towing system you're using - from tow dollies to flatbed trailers with tracking installed.

  • Dual strap side mount tire nets wrap around the tire at at three points with two cargo straps. The dolly straps of this over the wheel tie down are fitted with cambuckles or ratchets that attach to the horizontal strap of the tire net with a positionable loop. The cambuckle or ratchet is then used to tension the straps and hold the vehicle securely for transport. End fittings on side mount tie downs for cars can be flat hooks, snap hooks, chain extensions or can be ordered with custom fittings.
  • Single strap side mount towing tie downs are one of our top selling dolly straps. These car trailer tie downs are constructed of a single 2" cargo strap that feeds through a heavy duty ring to create a loop that secures the tire. The other end of the strap feeds through the ratchet to tension the assembly creating a 'Y' shape. The ratchet attaches to your tow dolly or trailer with a flat hook or chain extension. These are often called lasso straps and are one of the most common styles of wheel lift straps.
  • The tow dolly basket strap is a popular car trailer tie down for use with a simple car tow dolly - industrial grade webbing is stiched into a ladder-like configuration that wraps over the top surface of the tire. Snap hooks are affixed to one end of the car tie to attach securely to the tow dolly. The other end of the strap can then be fed through a tow dolly ratchet to tension the system securely.
  • An adjustable wheel net has a cambuckle or ratchet sewn into the over the wheel tie down straps so to make it adjustable for a tight fit on a variety of tires. It comes with a snap hook to attach to most tow dollies and a ratchet fitted with a snap hook to tension the tow dolly strap securely.
  • Double adjustable wheel nets give you the option to use the same car trailer tie downs for multiple sizes of tires for moving vehicles with your car tow dolly. Two cambuckles or ratchets built into the over the tire straps allow you to adjust the car towing straps around the tire and over the top of the tire. The over the wheel tie down is secured with a snap hook and can be tensioned with a ratchet or winch.

Wheel Strap Options - Wheel straps secure the tire on the outer edge by fitting rubber blocks into the rain grooves of the tire.

  • Wheel straps for E-Track come with E track fittings on either end of the trailer car straps. The non-ratcheting end of the strap is affixed to the E-track and then rolled around the tire and secured on the opposite side of the tire. Rubber blocks affixed to the strap fit into the rain grooves of the tire for a secure fit. The ratchet on the strap is then tightened to secure the car tow strap in place. This system of car hauler wheel straps is an excellent option for stock cars, race cars or custom cars that are moved often inside trailers for events.
  • Car hauler straps for flatbeds work the same way as the E-track straps without the track. Anchor points for car carrier tie down straps can be installed directly into the bed of your truck and the tie down straps for cars will attach with swivel hooks or wire hooks. Car trailer tie downs use ratchet straps to tension the straps for secure transport.

Tow Dolly Straps Parts & Accessories

  • Straps for tow dolly assemblies are generally 2" heavy duty cargo straps. When buying tow dolly replacement straps be sure that the straps are properly rated to go with your tow dolly ratchets or cam buckles so that your towing tie downs are properly rated to handle the weight of vehicles you are moving.
  • Axle straps are an alternate use for your to your car tie down systems - buy straps for dolly loading with d-rings to replace worn axle straps. They have a CORDURA® sleeve that helps cushion the axle.
  • Car tie downs are a strap and ratchet combination option for car carrier tie downs. These car towing straps are fitted with a twisted snap hook to prevent twists in the car tire straps that could cause undue wear and tear.
  • D rings or pan fitting mounting rings are essential car hauling supplies if you will be using car trailer tie downs directly on the surface of a flatbed or trailer to create secure attachment points. Recessed pan fittings can secure an automobile over the wheel tie down or motorcycle tie down (over the wheel assembly) without getting in the way when loading the vehicle on to the trailer.
  • We have tow dolly traps for sale to fit all of your towing and transport needs, whether you're looking for over-the-wheel tie downs, axle straps for flatbeds and trailers, or straps for dolly transport. Have questions about our products, bulk purchases of car hauling supplies, or looking for information such as how to tie down a car on a trailer? Call 866-444-9990 to talk to a product expert.

Results 1-45 of 5912