Snatch Strap W/ Cordura Eyes 3" x 30'

Part #: TS330
Snatch Strap W/ Cordura Eyes 3

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    Webbing Strength Rating: 30,000 Lbs

    Length: 30'

    Width: 3"

    Snatch Strap W/ Cordura Eyes 3"x30' Sometimes called a recover strap, tow strap, or even a "snatch em strap," the strap of nylon webbing has just enough stretch to "snatch" a disabled vehicle. Our tow straps / snatch straps are made from high quality industrial grade webing with a web strength of 9,800 lbs per inch. This means that a 3" wide strap will have a strength rating of 3 times that amount. You can compare tow capacities and break strengths with our chart of most common recovery/towing straps. The eyes at each end of the snatch strap are protected with CORDURA® for maximum protection. CORDURA is a tough fabric that adds resistance to cutting and abrasion. This prolongs the life of the strap by adding protetion at its wear points - where it rubs against other equipment such as tow hooks, shackles, etc.. Our quality snatch straps are made in the USA.

    This strap is certainly heavy duty. I like the way the loops are constructed and think it will last me a long time no more then I'll use it.

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