S-Hooks, Wire Hooks & Grab Hooks

Wire grab hooks, clevis grab hooks, and wire S hooks for creating custom strap assemblies or replacement parts are all here. Use our wire hooks with straps to create E track hooks; use S hooks with rubber rope to create your own custom-sized hook tie if standard rubber tarp straps don't fit your needs; replace damaged grab hooks on transport chain with sturdy forged clevis grab hooks.

When sizing wire hooks for your application the measurement noted in the product description is not the final dimension of the wire hook itself, it refers to the size of strap that the wire tie down will accomodate. Example: a 3" Wire Hook (Part #WH3) has an eye opening that will fit a 3" cargo strap, but the hook itself is 4.25" wide at the widest point, 5" in length, and the hook end is 1.25".

If you don't see the S hook, clevis hook or wire hooks that you need here, call 888-794-0778 & we'll try to find it.

1" Heavy Duty Wire Hook

Part #: WH252

1" Double J Wire Hook: Yellow Zinc, 3,000 lbs. Break Strength

Part #: WH253

1" Wire Double J Wire Hook: Yellow Zinc, 1,980 lbs. Break Strength

Part #: WH250

1" Double-J Stainless Steel Long Wire Hook - B.S. 3,000 lbs

Part #: WHS252

2" Black Painted Double J Short Wire Hook

Part #: WH501B

2" Short Yellow Zinc Wire Hook

Part #: WH501

2" Wire Hook w/ Protector, yellow zinc, 11,000 lbs.

Part #: WH503K

2" Short Welded Wire Hook

Part #: WH504

3" Wire Hook

Part #: WH3

WH5200 - Wire Hook w/ tube for 2" Ratchet Direct Connection

Part #: WH5200

1/2" Clevis Grab Hook - Grade 70

Part #: CGH1270

3/8" Clevis Grab Hook - Grade 70

Part #: CGH3870

5/16" Clevis Grab Hook - Grade 70

Part #: CGH51670

1/2" Clevis Slip Hook - Grade 70

Part #: CSH12

3/8" Clevis Slip Hook - Grade 70

Part #: CSH38

5/16" Clevis Slip Hook - Grade 70

Part #: CSH516

3/8" Clevis Slip Hook w/ Safety Latch - Grade 70

Part #: CSH38SL

5/16" Clevis Slip Hook w/ Latch - Grade 70

Part #: CSH516SL

1/2" Clevis Slip Hook w/ Latch - Grade 70

Part #: CSH12SL

2" Clevis Grab Hook w/ Pear Link - 16,200 lbs Break Strength

Part #: GHPL

2" Forged D-Ring w/ Grab Hook, clear zinc, 11,000lbs

Part #: SHF6

1" Vinyl Coated S-Hook: 1,200 lb. Break Strength

Part #: SH253

1" Vinyl Coated Heavy Duty S-Hook: 2,500 lb. Break Strength

Part #: SH254

1" S-Hook, Black Vinyl Coated, 2,000 lbs. Break Strength

Part #: SH252

1" Vinyl Coated S-Hook: 1,500 lb. Break Strength

Part #: SH256

1" Heavy Duty Black Vinyl Coated S-Hook w/ Keeper - 2,000 lbs.

Part #: SH255

1" S-Hook, Yellow Zinc, 2,000lbs

Part #: SH252YZ

1-1/2" Vinyl Coated S-Hook: 1,200 lb. Break Strength

Part #: SH257

Replacement Rubber Tarp Strap Hooks: 100-Count Bag


Rubber Rope Hooks: 100-Count Bag

Part #: RRH-100

Rope Hook White Zinc 1200 Lbs.

Part #: JH118

3/8" x 18" Chain Extension w/ 4" D-Ring - 20,000 lbs Break Strength

Part #: CE18384DR70

1-1/2" S-Hook, Type 304 Stainless Steel, 765 lbs. break strength

Part #: SH250SS

Swivel Wire Hook for 2" webbing

Part #: WH800

2" Double J Wire Hook: Yellow Zinc

Part #: WH505

18" Chain Extension with Connector Bracket for Ratchet

Part #: CE-CE18
More About S-Hooks, Wire Hooks & Grab Hooks
Our selection of wire hooks, grab hooks, and s-Hooks are great for people who want to build their own assemblies or are who need replacement parts. We also have great prices on custom and pre-made Etrack hooks, transport chain, and tarp straps.

Using Wire Hooks
  • Wire hooks are labeled to indicate the size of strap that the wire hook will accomodate, not the actual hook dimensions.
  • Use wire hooks as an end fitting with ratchet straps as an anchor point on cargo.
  • Create an E track hook by attaching the wire hook to a strap with an E track fittings at the other end.
  • The J hook end of wire hooks can come welded or unwelded. Unwelded wire hooks can be separated slightly depending on the gauge of wire.
  • Swivel wire hooks rotate a full 360° so you aren't limited to a 90° connection like a standard hook tie.
  • Need to buy in bulk? Call 888-794-0778 if you'd like information about bulk purchasing.

Using Grab Hooks
  • Grab hooks are seamless grade 70 forged steel for use with Grade 70 transport chain.
  • Grab hooks are secured to the final link with a bar and cotter pin locking system.
  • Shallow throat grab hooks allow for secure connections with same size chains.
  • Slip hooks have a wider throat than grab hooks when you need to accomodate more chain.
  • Grab hooks with rings work with cargo straps, the dimension in the name of the product indicates the width of strap that the ring will accomodate.

Using E-track Hooks
  • Any of our hooks that work with 2" cargo straps can be used as an end fitting to make Etrack hooks.
  • E-track hooks allow you flexibility for use with horizontal, vertical or single point E Track installations.

Using S Hooks
  • S hooks are available in uncoated wire, or vinyl coated wire. Vinyl coating keeps the hook from marring the surface they're against.
  • The dimension in the name of the S hook indicates the width of cargo strap that will fit through the eye of the S hook.
  • Attach S-hooks to cargo straps of any length to create custom wire tie downs in just the right length for your application.
  • A wire S hook can be used with ratchet straps or cambuckle straps for a secure anchor point, the 180° curve curtails slippage.
  • S hooks are great for securing lightweight vehicles like motorcycles and ATVs to flatbed trailers.

If you need help choosing the right hook for your application or you'd like to talk to us about buying in bulk, call 888-794-0778 and one of our product experts will be happy to help.