Snap Hooks, Flat Hooks & Tie Down Hooks

Hooks are versatile pieces of equipment for many tie-down applications, and flat hooks and snap hooks are two essentials to always have on hand. When you need tie down hooks, look to US Cargo Control.


2" Flat Hook w/ Defender

Part #: FH21D


3" Black Flat Hook with Aluminum Defender, 16,200 lb. Break Strength

Part #: FH11D


4" Black Flat Hook with Aluminum Defender, 16,200 lb. Break Strength

Part #: FH42D


2" Narrow Flat Hook

Part #: FH71


2" Flat Narrow Hook

Part #: FNH1012


2" Flat Snap Hook

Part #: FSH32


2" Flat Snap Hook

Part #: FSH51


2" Flat Snap Hook w/ Spacers

Part #: FSH81S


2" Flat Snap Hook w/ Spacers

Part #: FSH82S


2" Twisted Flat Snap Hook

Part #: TFSH31


2" Twisted Flat Snap Hook

Part #: TFSH33


1" Bolt Plate - Zinc Plated Flat

Part #: BP1Z

1'' Bolt Plate image

1'' Bolt Plate

Part #: BP100


2" Bolt Plate, Black Painted

Part #: BP2


1" Flat Snap Hook, 3300lbs, yellow zinc

Part #: FSH05

Olive Drab Swivel Flat Hook for 2

Olive Drab Swivel Flat Hook for 2" Webbing

Part #: FSH80OD

Flat Container Hook image

Flat Container Hook

Part #: SH31


2" Forged Snap Hook

Part #: TFSH10-F
More About Snap Hooks, Flat Hooks & Tie Down Hooks
We offer a variety of sizes and styles of flat S hooks and flat snap hooks for nearly any tie-down use. For your safety, we’ve listed break strengths and working load limit information for each of our hooks for straps.

Not sure what type of flat hook, snap hook, webbing or tie down hooks will work best for your job? Contact one of our product experts at 888-794-0778. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you have or help with placing an order.

Flat hooks or a flat snap hook is ideal for use on cargo straps, tie-downs and other securing straps because of their low profile and simple, versatile design. We offer 2", 3" and 4" sizes, some of the metal snap hooks and metal flat hooks are designed with a “defender” which is a smooth edged, extra layer at the eye for extra protection of the webbing strap; or a “keeper” which prevents the strap from coming off the tie down hook when there is no tension.

For extra securement, a flat S hook with a snap design is a good chocie. Our 2” size selection of metal snap hooks includes models with a round eye and spacers or a twisted design which allows the web strap to stay flat on top of the load, for less wear and tear on the webbing.

Other options for our trailer tie down hooks and truck tie down hooks include a chrome finish and a zinc-coated hook that offers extra protection against corrosion.

As with all equipment, it’s important to follow break strength and working load limit guidelines when using straps with hooks.

What does Working Load Limit mean?

Sometimes also called Safe Working Load, Resulting Safe Working Load, Rated Load Value or Rated Capacity, or abbreviated as SWL or WLL, a Working Load Limit is the maximum weight/load that should ever be applied when using the equipment. It’s important to keep in mind that this limit is based on ideal conditions of tie down hardware and environmental factors. Special considerations should be taken if working in unusual conditions: extreme low or high temperatures, contact with chemicals (either vapors or solutions), extended immersion in water, salt water, etc.

What does Break Strength mean?

Also known as breaking load or rated capacity, Break Strength is the force at which the equipment was found to break when tested under ideal conditions at the manufacturer. It’s key to remember that this determination is found under a controlled lab environment when the item is new. Real life applications can involve different factors, environments, and forces, which can cause the equipment to fail at weights well below the the break strength. A higher break strength does not mean you can exceed that Working Load Limit.

A general rule of thumb to follow is that of the Federal Department of Transportation: A Working Load Limit should be 1/3 of the Break Strength/Rated Capacity. *Under no circumstances should a Working Load Limit be exceeded.*

Whether you’re replacing components for your existing tie down equipment, or you need to create entire custom tie down assemblies you might want to consider snap hooks wholesale priced for savings - our sales team will be happy to work with you on a wholesale order. Other hooks and snaps wholesale priced include our selection of wire hooks, grab hooks and s-hooks.

Whether you need tie down hooks for trucks, snap hooks to secure an awkward load, or straps and hardware for an E track or L track system, we have what you need. Questions? Contact us at 888-794-0778 One of our sales specialists will be happy to help.