1" Stainless Steel Screw Pin Anchor Shackle - 6 Ton

Part #: SPAS1SS

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    Shackle Size: 1"
    Screw Pin Diameter: 1-1/8"
    Stainless Steel Type 316

    Type 316 Stainless steel shackles are great for marine or high humidity applications. Carbon steel rusts when exposed to the combination of air and water. It creates an iron oxide film that is active and will accelerate corrosion by duplicating itself. Stainless steel has a sufficient amount of chromium present so that a chromium oxide film forms, which is passive. This film prevents further corrosion and prevents it from spreading to the internal part of the anchor shackle. For applications low in humidity or moisture, you may want to check our galvanized shackles as they tend to be inexpensive compared to the stainless steel. Check our tow & recovery straps, nylon slings, polyester slings, wire rope slings, and chain slings as most of these products tend to go hand-in-hand. Please feel free to contact our sales team toll-free at 800-660-3585 with any questions you may have.
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