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More About 4" Ratchet Straps

Our entire line of heavy duty 4'' ratchet straps are manufactured for quality and durability. Available in a range of colors and sizes (even extra-long 50' and 60' lengths), all are equipped with your choice of wire hooks, flat hooks, or chain anchor extensions, a 4 inch strap ratchet provides the strength you need to secure heavy-duty loads.

All of our 4 inch straps are sewn and assembled with 20K polyester webbing, which resists shrinkage, abrasions, water absorption, and degradation from the sun’s UV rays. A rugged ratchet mechanism tightens the webbing securely, while a lift of the ratchet handle loosens the strap for a quick release. Because the ratcheting action makes the strength adjustable, a 4 inch ratchet strap is always a better choice than tarp straps, rope, etc. in securing heavy loads.

A 4" ratchet strap offers the benefit of additional strength over commonly-used 2" straps. While the polyester web offers resistance to abrasions, Cordura Wear Sleeves are also available to slide on to 4 inch ratchet straps to offer an additional protective layer wherever you need it on the strap.

All of our 4 inch ratchet straps are labeled with break strength and work load limit to meet DOT regulations, CVSA and WSTDA guidelines, as well as North American Cargo Securement standards.

Don’t see the length, color, or end fittings you need in a 4" strap ratchet? Custom straps are always an excellent option. All of our 4" cargo straps are assembled in-house at our Iowa headquarters, making customization an affordable and quick option. Additional configurations and hardware, including endless straps, cam buckles, and more, can also be made to order as 4 inch cargo straps.

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Have questions about our 4 inch ratchet tie down straps or any of our tie downs? Give us a call today- 855-206-6261. A member of our sales team will be happy to answer any questions, or place an order for you.