2" Ratchet Straps

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More About 2" Ratchet Straps
Ratchet straps are specifically designed to hold loads in place on trucks, trailers, rail cars, ships and other freight carriers. Heavy duty ratchet straps work effectively by ratcheting down tightly over a load. When choosing a 2 inch ratchet strap make sure it is made from a weather resistant material. Most 2" ratchet straps are made of Polyester to minimize weathering, damage and corrosion. Polyester is a high strength low cost material that resists abrasion and is the right choice of webbing when producing 2" ratchet strapsRatchet straps have various attachment hardware: flat hooks, snap hooks, wire hooks, grab hooks, s-hooks, buckles, and chain are some of the end fittings that ratchet straps use to secure the your cargo.

All of our 2" ratchet straps are labeled with their working load limit to meet CVSA guidelines, DOT regulations, and WSTDA, and North American Cargo Securement standards.

Working Load Limit is defined as the maximum load a component or assembly should be subjected to during routine use.  US Cargo Control strongly recommends the ‘’working load limit’’ does not exceed 1/3 the component and/or the assembly breaking strength.

Use common sense when determining if a tie down or ratchet strap is in working condition.  You should never use a ratchet strap if it shows excessive abrasive wear, broken or worn stitching, holes, tears, cuts, snags, chemical burns, melted webbing or any tie down hardware that shows a defect.  You should inspect your ratchet straps before each use and replace any strap assembly or other tie down that is not in excellent working condition.

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