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TeamStrap Furniture Moving Straps

TeamStrap Furniture Moving Straps

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    • Recommended Weight Capacity: 650 lbs/set
    • Product weight: 1.5 lbs/Set
    • Package Dimensions = 8" x 8" x 2-1/2"
    • Heavy Lift Straps are made of heavy duty black webbing, bonded thread at each joint
    • Moving Furniture Straps adjust up to 48 inches (5' to 9' harness to harness) according to the length of object being lifted and the height of the people doing the lifting
    • Each package includes two shoulder straps and one adjustable lifting strap

    The TeamStrap® is a must have moving strap for anyone lifting heavy or bulky items. By using larger muscle groups like the shoulders and thighs to lift rather than the arms, your hands become free to better control and maneuver your object to the end destination. The TeamStrap is a three piece unit that includes two shoulder straps and one fully adjustable lifting strap. The straps on the TeamStrap are a generous three inches wide for added strength and comfort. TeamStrap is the way to go when you're investing in furniture moving straps or appliance and refrigerator moving straps. This heavy lifting strap allows you to use average human strength to lift surprisingly heavy and bulky items with ease.

    What are the key features of appliance moving slings?
    The TeamStrap allows the two person tandem moving sling to lift and carry items easily across uneven terrain, hills, stairs, and around corners. Moving heavy objects such as refrigerators, washers/dryers, stoves, televisions and dishwashers has never been so easy. Situate the object to be moved - place the heavy lifting strap underneath the object you are moving. Be sure that the TeamStrap is securely in place below each contact point and try to center the weight on the appliance lifting sling. For a refrigerator, moving straps should be placed towards the interior of the base, away from self-adjusting feet.
  • Attach the shoulder straps for moving furniture to the lifting strap - loop one end of the shoulder strap over your arm, then thread the shoulder strap through one eye of the lifting strap (see pdf for example) at an appropriate distance from the object for the height at which you want to lift it.
  • Adjust the moving slings for comfort - without taking on the weight of the object, slide your other arm through the remaining end of the shoulder strap. The TeamStrap will now be positioned over both of your shoulders in a cross patter or standard pattern.
  • Coordinate and slowly lift your TeamStrap moving straps - as you and your lifting partner straighten your legs you will lift the object. Use your hands to stabilize the object as necessary.
  • Download the TeamStrap Moving Straps Instruction Sheet (pdf)Why is it better to use straps to move furniture?
    Furniture moving straps offer ultimate flexibility to fit all shapes and sizes of furniture pieces that you need to move in your space. With a TeamStrap moving strap you also eliminate sharp corners and handles from moving appliances that might damage wall finishes or floor surfaces in your home. A furniture moving sling is the efficient way to go when moving couches, loveseats, recliners and wing chairs into your home or when rearranging living areas. With a furniture moving strap you can even carry bulky furniture pieces up and down staircases with ease. Mattresses and box spring sets are one of the most unwieldy home moving projects you will encounter - with a furniture moving harness you free up your hands to steady and guide these bulky items around corners to protect banisters, doorjambs and light fixtures along the way.

    Furniture carrying straps store and transport easily. Unlike a moving dolly that requires space in the garage or a utility closet for storage your furniture moving slings fold up into a compact package that can be stored in a glove box or tool bucket so they're always on hand. TeamStrap makes a great gift for handymen or contractors who are often called on to move appliances in and out of remodeling zones.

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