Moving Blanket - SUPREME MOVER Blanket Sold Ind.

Moving Blanket - SUPREME MOVER Blanket Sold Ind.
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    Supreme Mover Moving Blanket - 90-95 lbs/dozen - Individuals The Supreme Moving Blankets are made primarily of cotton/poly blend with recycled cotton filler, and weigh in at 90-95 pounds per dozen. Supreme Mover moving blankets are the top choice for moving companies and furniture movers all around the country. If you want the best moving blankets money can buy then Supreme Moves are the right choice for you. These high quality 8 pound moving blankets can be used time and time again for all your moving needs.

    Size: 72" x 80" Moving Blankets (Pads) Black/White
    Quantity: 1 Individual Blanket
    Shipping Weight: 8 lbs per blanket

    Please call 800-867-1210 for accurate shipping rates on 3 dozen or more moving blankets (moving pads).

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