Sliding Choker Single Leg Wire Rope Slings

Our sliding choker slings have the same 6 x 19 wire rope our single leg eye and eye slings have. This lifting sling has a sliding choker hook between the two eyes that slides from one end to the other for easy hook-up. The sliding choker wire rope sling comes in diameters from 3/8" to 1" diameter.

Wire rope slings load chart

More About Sliding Choker Single Leg Wire Rope Slings

Styles A & B in Wire Rope Sliding Choker Slings
Our sliding choker slings are available in 2 different styles (shown in the diagram at left). Style A will have a regular eye for the top portion of the lifting sling. The sling will have a thimble eye for the portion of the sling that loops back to attach to the sliding hook. This helps prevent wear and tear on the sling eye by protecting the wire rope from rubbing on the hook itself. Style A is our standard wire rope sliding choker and will be shipped if there is no specification on the eye type desired when the order is placed.

Style B has regular eyes on both ends. The eye that bends back to the sliding hook does not have the protective thimble. Both slings are available at the prices you see listed below. Our wire choker slings are also available with a latched choker hook by special order. If you should have any questions regarding any of our slings, including the nylon slings, polyester slings, or chain slings, please feel free to contact our sales team professionals toll free at 800-660-3585 and we will gladly assist you in getting the choker cables and slings you need.

Sling Proof Testing Certificates
Proof testing certificates can be supplied with your order for a nominal fee and must be requested at the time of order. Proof tests are performed in the factory where the sling is pull tested to 2x the vertical rating and officially recorded as proof for governing bodies. During the standard manufacturing process, only random slings during a production run are tested for compliance; in order to provide proof testing certificates with your order, every sling must be pull tested at the time of manufacture.