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Eye & Eye Slings - Type 3 Flat

All of our slings are made to order with a standard lead time of 1-3 days for assembly prior to shipping.

Type 3 flat eye & eye nylon slings are extremely versatile as they can be used in choker, vertical, or basket hitches. Designed with a flat loop eye on each end, they’re sometimes also called a flat web sling, a flat sling, eye&eye sling straps, double eye sling, or simply an eye and eye sling. These flat nylon slings are available in various widths ranging from 1" to 12" wide and can be made with 1-ply, 2-ply, 3-ply or 4-ply thickness.

Another similar option is the type 4 eye & eye twist sling. It is nearly identical to the type 3 eye and eye nylon sling, but the loops on each end are twisted. It also works well with all hitches, but is best suited for choker or basket hitches. Another similar web sling design is also available in a polyester round sling. Choose polyester if you need less stretch than a nylon web sling.

Our nylon flat web slings are made to order. If you don’t see the length you’re looking for, contact our sales team professionals at 855-205-7323 and we’ll be glad to help you get the web sling you need. Custom nylon web slings are always an option.

Sling Proof Testing Certificates
Proof testing certificates can be included with your order for a small fee, but must be requested when you order your lifting sling. Proof tests are performed in the factory where the sling is pull tested to 2x the vertical rating. It is then recorded officially as proof for governing bodies. During the standard manufacturing process, only random slings during a production run are tested for compliance. In order to provide a proof testing certificate with your order, every sling must be pull tested at the time of manufacturing.