4 Leg Chain Sling

  • Hitch Types:

    The working load limit capacity of a sling will vary by the type of hitch used.
    European made fittings.
  • 60° Hitch

  • 45° Hitch

  • 30° Hitch

More About 4 Leg Chain Sling

A 4 leg chain sling has four lengths of either Grade 80 or Grade 100 chain connected to a top master oblong link. A hook is fitted on each end, and can also be at the top rather than an oblong link. Available hook options include foundry hooks, grab hooks, latched sling hooks, or hammerlocks. Oblong links instead of hooks are also a possible configuration.

This type of sling is also known as a quad leg chain sling or a 4 leg bridle chain sling chain since this configuration is designed to be used with a bridle hitch with four pick points. Four legs is the maximum number of chain lengths available on one chain sling assembly, and this quadruple style offers greater load stability than sling with only one, two, or three legs.

Components in the four leg chain sling design are finished with a painted layer (grade 80 is a Black Armour finish; grade 100 is Grey Armour paint). This protective thermo plastic styronated acrylic finish is 300-400% more corrosion resistant than standard shot peened steel finishes.

The 4 leg chain lifting sling is also available as an adjustable chain sling, with four additional lengths of chain (6 inches each in length), with a hook on the end. These lengths are also attached to the master oblong, and are designed to enable the user to shorten a length of chain as needed.

All of our chain lifting slings are proof tested, and have metal tag attached stamped with sling information and rated capacity.

Need a stronger chain sling? Call our sales team at 866-878-9355 to learn more about our grade 120 chain lifting slings, which offer the highest working load limits in the industry.

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