1/2" x 5' Sliding Choker Wire Rope Sling 6x19 A-Standard Tag

Part #: SC1-1/2-5
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    Wire Rope Sling 6 x 19 Sliding Choker 1/2" x 5'Our wire rope sliding chokers are made from high quality wire and hooks so they are rugged and durable. The flemish eye is spliced with a carbon steel sleeve for maximum efficiency. The sleeve is painted gold to verify that swaging is complete and the wire rope has been inspected. All of our wire rope slings are tagged with capacity, care and instruction tags. Metal tags are available at an additional price. The sliding choker sling will have a standard eye on one end. On the end that curves back to the hook and "chokes" the load, the eye comes standard with a thimble to help protect the eye from wear and tear of rubbing directly on the hook. Standard eyes on both ends are available but must be requested at the time of order. A thimble eye on the hook end will be shipped if it is not specified when order is placed. We also offer a full line of anchor shackles, nylon slings, polyester round slings, and chain slings. If you have any questions regarding our slings or otherwise, please feel free to contact our sales professionals toll free at 800-660-3585. They will be glad to assist you in making sure you find the product you need. Rated Capacity per Hitch Configuration:
    Vertical Hitch Capacity Choker Hitch Capacity Basket Hitch Capacity
    N/A 1.90 Tons N/A
    Standard Eye Size: 4" x 8" Part # SC1-1/2-5

    Please note that our lifting slings are made to order and may take up to 48 hours to fabricate. Once the item has been fabricated, it will be shipped to your location.

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