Winch Bars

Standard Chrome Winch Bar

Part #: WB1

Standard Chrome Combination Winch Bar

Part #: WB4

Chrome Combination Winch Bar Square Head

Part #: WB3

Standard Painted Winch Bar

Part #: WB2

Painted Combination Winch Bar Square Head

Part #: WB3P

Standard Ergo 360 Winch Bar

Part #: WB10

Ergo 360 Combination Winch Bar

Part #: WB20

Ergo 360 Winch Bar with Combination Square End

Part #: WB21

28" Mini Winch Bar

Part #: WB28

34" Mini Winch Bar

Part #: WB34

38" Mini Winch Bar

Part #: WB38

Strap Winder

Part #: SW5000

SilverCap® OverDrive™ Ratcheting Cap

More About Winch Bars
Winch bars are useful to secure tie downs on a flatbed trailer. Choose ergonomic tie down bars to decrease strain. Winch bars are a must-have for flatbed tie down equipment. Call 866-348-3473 with any questions about winch bars. Our sales representatives are dedicated to providing the service and information you need.