Transport Log Chain Grade 70 5/16" x 16' Standard Link

Part #: TC5161670
Transport Log Chain Grade 70 5/16

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    Standard link, heavy duty log chain exceeds standard trucking chains requirements for logging chains at grade 70 carbon steel (standard log chains rate at grade 43). This higher grade log chain offers 25% increased strength as the heat-treated carbon steel is more durable for stabilizing large loads than other trucking chains. Log chain may come in chain drums without hardware or you can find log chains for sale with pre-configured hardware. This logging chain comes with durable, grade 70 carbon steel clevis grab hooks attached at either end of the 16 foot chain length. Need longer lengths? Check out log chain prices for 5/16" x 20' Logging Chain or 5/16" x 25' Log Chain. 5/16" log chain is also available in custom lengths or by the drum. If your assembly requires a stronger chain, we also carry 3/8" x 16' Logging Chain. Call 866-444-9990 for log chain prices.

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