Coil Rack

Part #: LDCOIL
Coil Rack

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    Coil Rack - Light Duty

    Overall Length: 33"
    Length between Chocks: 27.5"
    Chock Height: 2.8"
    Coil Rack Width: 2.7"

    Our coil racks are painted with a black finish and are available in both light duty and heavy duty. This light duty coil rack is used in conjunction with wood blocks to provide a place where a coil can be cradled and then tied down with the appropriate load securement tie down. That makes the coil rack useful for lightweight flatbed trailer tie downs. This coil rack is made from 10 gauge steel and measures 33" long. For heavy duty applications, try our heavy duty coil rack or click the following link for a full line of flatbed trailer products. not sure which flatbed coil racks are right for your application? Call 866-444-9990 to talk to a product expert.

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